Peace Prayers – 12 Religions

A Peaceful Way

Prayers for Peace

It is time for us to look at our similarities and not our differences.  Each person has the right to their beliefs and values.  When these beliefs come from the heart of love, there is compassion and love for others.  When they are  based on greed, power and fear,  there is war and hatred.  It is time for each of us to reach into our hearts and feel our innate way of being…the way of love. 

On October 28, 1986, the leaders of twelve major world religions gathered in Assisi, Italy and shared their prayers of peace from their traditions. These prayers show us that all religions teach peace, love and compassion for others.

May peace prevail in our heart. May we honour one another and experience deep peace within and reflect that love to others.

Prayers for Peace

Hindu Prayer

O God, lead us from the unreal to the…

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Soul progression by audience members



Soul progression by audience members
What I would like to discuss with you is the areas that are very obvious for this group of people, not the newer persons as
I said, but the persons who have been listening for a fair portion of time. I want to discuss with you what’s really going on
for many of you in terms of your own progression. [00:45:04.10]
Now can I ask you a direct question? How many of you feel that in the time you’ve listened to the Divine Truth, you’ve
actually progressed? Can you put up your hand, where you’ve actually progressed in love? Okay. So would that be the
majority? I think so. Maybe I need to ask the opposite. How many of you feel you haven’t progressed at all? Just a few of
you, okay. So the majority feel you have progressed at least in some way. Okay…

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Are Alcoholics Emotionally Immature?

The Alcoholics Guide to Alcoholism

Concerted attempts have been made to relate personality factors to alcohol dependence.

In fact, for many years, research attempted to define the so-called alcoholic personality. Attempts to do so have dwindled in recent years.

Potential alcoholics tend to be emotionally immature, expect a great deal of the world, require an inordinate amount of praise and appreciation, react to failure with marked feelings of hurt and inferiority, have a low frustration tolerance, and feel inadequate and unsure of their abilities to fulfil expected male or female roles.1

Although the obvious emotional immaturity often seen in alcoholics seems to cover a number of the more recent findings on bio-psychologcal aspects a alcoholism.

For example, if we partly defined emotional immaturity as containing some of the following, then we appear to be covering a number of much researched and demonstrated aspects of alcoholism. Do these then not come under an umbrella term…

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